Palomita JSC is a Bulgarian company for the production and distribution of sanitary hygienic products of all kinds – sanitary pads and tampons, cotton, cotton buds, baby diapers and adult incontinence, napkins, papers and others.

We rely on the professionalism of our qualified staff in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to satisfy all expectations and needs, with our wide range of products and high quality.

Since 1993 we started with the production of sanitary pads, only by one machine and one brand – Palomita. Today, 26 years later in our catalogue are over 230 products with the brand Palomita.

Our production base and warehouses are located on 8400 square meters in Sofia city. The machines are imported from Switzerland, Germany and Italy, and are of the highest class in technology, which is available on the global market till now.