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Our divisions

Sanitary Pads                 

We are involved primarily in the development, production and sale of sanitary pads. Our sanitary pads are made of high quality materials, supplied from the EU countries. The product range in the female hygiene care caters for a wide range of requirements. Our production sites comply with international hygiene and quality standards; this compliance is constantly monitored and implemented. Our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities. Production units and sales offices operate and are certified according to the International Standard for Quality Management: ISO 9001.



This division is primarily involved in the development, production and sale of hygienic feminine tampons. We have been a producer of feminine tampons since 2008. All materials used in the production are of high quality from certified suppliers. Consumer wellbeing has always been our main focus. Our products are characterised by quality, wearing comfort and protection.




Distribution involves the transport of our products from the place of their production to our ultimate customers. Our own distribution network of 9 offices throughout the country provides a flexible, convenient and effective contact with both resellers and end customers. As a producer of hygiene items for personal care, we take responsibility for the impeccable quality of our products and for the marketing and logistics process.